California Paternity Dispute Attorney

Paternity Disputes Are Personal and Stressful and Can Be Life Changing

Establishing a father’s legal paternity status, or “parentage,” is paramount to unveiling his rightful place and relationship with his child. Legal parentage unlocks doors to initiating a child’s custody arrangement, visitation schedule and child support when parents separate. If the money stakes are high or for any number of emotional reasons, maternity fraud sometimes happens. Maternity fraud is when the biological mother wrongly claims a man to be a child’s biological father for purposes of adoption, certain survivor’s benefits or inheritance, for example.

Resolving parentage disputes quickly is key to reuniting estranged fathers with their children and determining parental rights and responsibilities. Attorney Karen S. Brown has more than four decades of experience and knowledge representing clients in paternity disputes. She knows the laws and how to navigate the legal system and provides efficient, effective legal guidance and advocacy for each client struggling with a parentage dispute.

A Brighter Future Awaits Mothers, Fathers and Children

There are advantages for members of traditional and nontraditional families to ascertain legal parentage or paternity. Benefits for children, mothers and fathers include:

  • Child – They are able to build relationships with both parents. The child can learn about the father and their family history and benefit from access to medical insurance as well as Social Security, veterans and other benefits. A child can enjoy a place they can call home and receive financial support and help from the father. In the event that the father dies, they can inherit their share of their father’s estate, and they will have the right to sue for harm or death.

  • Mother – Establishing parentage allows both parents to share custody and the responsibilities of raising their child. In addition, the mother can share costs and duties related to providing for the child, parenting time and visitation schedules with the father. She can also shepherd the child’s support payments on a regular basis.

  • Father – Determining paternity give the father the ability to establish a relationship with his child and let them know that they care about them. They can enjoy legal rights and be able to seek custody or parenting time if necessary. On the other hand, the outcome of the dispute could reveal that he is not the father and does not have responsibilities and rights.

Resolve Paternity Disputes Swiftly

Reach Out

In California, legal parentage may be established either voluntarily by birth parents, married parents, registered domestic partners, and parents who file a legal declaration or via a court order in cases of domestic violence, juvenile dependency or adoption. In contentious cases, the court will order a DNA test to determine the identity of the child’s biological father.

Karen will help you find the path that’s best suited for your circumstances. Whichever side of the issue you find yourself on, Karen will confidently advocate for you throughout the entire process. She will help you understand your options and diligently fight to protect your rights.

Take a Step Toward the Best Interests of Your Children

Parentage disputes can be complex and emotionally exhausting. When you feel like you need legal help sorting through the layers of options you have for resolving this type of legal conflict, do not wait to speak with an experienced family law lawyer. To schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Karen and get a certified family specialist in your corner, send an email or call the Law Office of Karen S. Brown.