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When you enter into a marriage, all property, earnings and debts are an equal proposition. A divorce requires the evaluation and determination of what assets are part of the marital estate, which are separate property and how there can best be fair equitable property division. These can be very complex matters involving litigation even after judgment because the court will determine the fiduciary duties of the spouses until the time the assets are fully distributed.

The Law Office of Karen S. Brown has been successful in handling these types of matters and has enjoyed a good track record for both settlements and those cases involving contentious litigation. Los Angeles divorce lawyer Karen S. Brown will carefully review and obtain the documents and information necessary for the complex case. She works with forensics to arrive at the best options for settlement and if that cannot be resolved, for the presentation to the judge.

Dividing Assets and Debts in Divorce

The divorce process requires the court to divide a couple’s assets and debts on an equal basis. The parties, however, can agree to distribute the assets and debts on a different basis and reach an agreement for the court to enter. Property division attorney Karen S. Brown has extensive experience in handling matters that involve asset division and community and separate property issues, including asset tracing, business valuations, consulting with forensic accountants, property investigation and identification of assets.

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Equitable Property Division

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Her extensive financial and business experience provides the knowledge and skill to handle complex financial matters. She knows well the issues of high-asset and high-earning spouses. She has a network of professional resources and experts to aid in the evaluation and determination of those matters. Her in-depth experience has secured successful outcomes for her clients in detecting missing assets and litigating those undisclosed assets.

Attorney Karen S. Brown focuses on providing her clients with quality representation. She ensures that you are well-informed about your case and emphasizes hands-on communication with you to strategize an effective approach to the issues. When recommended, she will access a knowledgeable database of professionals for you to engage as qualified experts to support your claims. Contact her office to schedule a conference.

The Law Office of Karen S. Brown proudly serves clients throughout Southern California including  Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Westside and beach communities.