California Complex Child Custody Cases 

Karen S. Brown has a long, proven history of representing parents in very complex child custody cases. Special needs, mental illness, adoption and other factors often complicate the process and make it difficult to determine mutually agreeable custody. Complex child custody cases can span months or even years, and you will need the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney throughout the legal process. Karen S. Brown is ready to discuss the details of complex child custody cases with parents at her practice in Los Angeles, California.

Complicated Conditions

Child custody cases can involve a range of complex concerns that can lead to long, drawn-out legal battles. Most often, complications arise from the unique needs of the children or the unsuitability of parents or guardians.

Needs of The Children

Mental illness in children can complicate the legal process of determining what is the best custody situation for a child. Ms. Brown committed a significant portion of her early education to child development and continues to educate herself on child psychology and related fields. This education allows her to bring both expert insight and intuitive tactics into these sensitive cases, helping to fight for the rights of your children.

Special needs in developing children can further complicate legal matters. In many instances, children with special needs will have ongoing treatment bills, medications, and various forms of therapy and visits to doctors. Ms. Brown uses her wide-spanning education in these cases as well, providing insight into developmental issues and helping to determine the best party to care for a child’s unique challenges.

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Unsuitability of Care

An important factor that can influence child custody cases is the suitability of each of the parents and their living situations. Complications can arise from a variety of factors such as:

  • Adoption

  • Abuse by anyone who may be around the child

  • Remarriage of former spouses

  • Inhospitable living environments, including relocating parents

  • Mental illness in parents

  • Parental dependence on alcohol or drugs

  • Criminal history in guardians

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The Law Office of Karen S. Brown can help investigate and establish the presence of these conditions. With attorney Brown’s experience and education, she will use a variety of means, including social media and various types of digital evidence to build your case. Using outside experts on child psychology and development, she can also prove an unfit situation or defend the suitability of parents or guardians. With her innovative tactics, you can trust her proven, successful counsel.

“If you are having trouble fighting through the challenges of a complex child custody case, you should know that you do not have to do it alone.” – Karen S. Brown

Unique Qualifications

Karen S. Brown has built strong relationships with a variety of industry experts and authorities. She has also spent a great deal of time gaining further training and education in child development. With over 45 years of legal experience and over 15 years of focus on family law, you can rely on her well-rounded, aggressive representation. Ms. Brown handles a variety of divorce and child custody cases that can become very complicated and lengthy. In many instances, she takes on cases that have been rejected by other firms and is willing to handle custody situations that may take over a year to settle. She will form a relationship with her clients that lasts beyond court verdicts.

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If you are having trouble fighting through the challenges of a complex child custody case, you should know that you do not have to do it alone. Contact the practice of Karen S. Brown to start discussing your case and to get the best legal representation for you and your child.