California High-Asset Divorce Attorney

Divorces involving high net worth and substantial assets require careful planning. Attorney Karen S. Brown associates a colleague in Los Angeles who is also a certified family law specialist and a certified public accountant to ensure that you receive the most aggressive and thorough representation. Oftentimes, by having an associate counsel, Ms. Brown can conserve your costs for retaining a forensic accountant expert to prepare schedules and reports that are used to persuade the court of your requested orders.

Both the supporting and supported spouse need to review with a thorough and careful attorney the strategy of their case due to complex issues involved with maintaining the accustomed lifestyle. An equitable distribution of assets must be achieved, and because both spouses owe one another fiduciary duties regarding their financial affairs, careful evaluation and disclosure must be achieved.

In order to achieve a fair property settlement, Ms. Brown will engage with your consent additional experts to protect your property such as vocational and lifestyle experts, QDRO specialists and other financial professionals such as accountants and actuaries to ensure that the issues are fairly determined. The issues can involve real estate and personal property evaluation, securities, spousal support, tax issues, retirement accounts, trusts, commingled assets and appreciated separate property, deferred compensation plans and tracing separate property in commingled accounts.

Another major issue is the self-owned business and the evaluation of that business. Because California is a community property state, the characterization of the property must be determined as part of the marital estate. A business may be formed prior to marriage but have community contributions during the marriage and during separation prior to trial. Ms. Brown can help you determine those issues so that nothing is overlooked.

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By associating counsel, Ms. Brown can get a realistic assessment of the value of a business including professional practices. The value of the professional education and license will be evaluated along with issues related to investment, inheritance, and community services. Do you have any assets hidden, undisclosed or transferred overseas? Attorney Karen S. Brown has substantial experience in dealing with unlawful conveyances and conduct. She also can assist you in dealing with conveyances to third parties or the other spouse as a transmutation.

Ms. Brown encourages parties to engage in mediation or other alternative dispute practices so that the case does not incur expensive litigation costs over court battles. Complex marital estates are best served by achieving a settlement. She takes a creative approach to dealing with these issues. If litigation is required, she will serve as a zealous advocate for you.

Attorney Karen S. Brown focuses on providing her clients with quality representation. She ensures that you are well-informed about your case and emphasizes hands-on communication with you to strategize an effective approach to the issues. When recommended, she will access a knowledgeable database of professionals for you to engage as qualified experts to support your claims. Contact her office to schedule a conference.

The Law Office of Karen S. Brown proudly serves clients throughout Southern California including  Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Westside and beach communities.