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Divorces are stressful and often complicated. The challenges require an attorney with substantial experience and empathy to guide you through the process. Karen S. Brown provides that experience to help you achieve a fair settlement, or she will vigorously advocate for your best interests in court. Her Los Angeles area law office represents clients throughout the Southland handling a wide variety of cases. Contact her office for a consultation so that she can obtain a wide overview of your particular situation and provide a strategy to handle your issues.

If a married couple has little or no assets, has no children, and is in agreement about support, maintenance or alimony as it is commonly called, the divorce is simple and can be resolved in a relatively quick time frame. A typical divorce involves a number of issues that require time to settle or adjudicate. The most common issues involve custody and support of children, interests in either personal or real property, breaches of the fiduciary duty by a spouse, a family business, assets held outside of California, commingling of accounts, insurance, retirement and pension plans, among others. Karen S. Brown’s experience of over 35 years as an attorney can offer you sound and thorough advice. An experienced divorce lawyer is necessary to deal with the ever-developing law and for some clients, comprehending and litigating complex financial matters.

All divorces differ. Karen S. Brown strives to resolve your case in an amicable manner. but if that is not possible, she will represent you and litigate to preserve your best interests. You will be informed fully about the proceedings and will be able to rely on her counsel at every step.

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Legal Separation

Some parties opt for a legal separation instead of a divorce. Some parties will elect to separate to avoid the branding of a divorce that is sensitive to their religion. Some separate because of financial issues regarding insurance coverage and other benefits. The differences are fully up to you. The actual process is similar to that of a dissolution of a marriage in that legal papers are filed, and the parties are mandated to resolve issues so that an agreement can be made and judgment ultimately entered. She will guide you to determine what is the best course of action for your situation.

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Obtaining a decree of annulment is based on a specific statute and requires a process that is distinct from a divorce. Parties must establish their claims within one or more of the specific grounds set out in the statute, and sometimes, the cases involve highly contested litigation when the parties dispute the underlying facts. An annulment cannot be stipulated by the parties; it must be determined by a judge. The proceedings must comport with the established body of law. The issues will involve marital status, the division of assets and debts and can even include custody. Karen S. Brown understands these issues and will assist you in carefully strategizing your case.

Attorney Karen S. Brown focuses on providing her clients with quality representation. She ensures that you are well-informed about your case and emphasizes hands-on communication with you to strategize an effective approach to the issues. When recommended, she will access a knowledgeable database of professionals for you to engage as qualified experts to support your claims. Contact her office to schedule a conference.

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