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Relocation with Children After Divorce

Moving away to another city or state can occur after a dissolution judgment is entered. I can provide you with advice regarding relocation with children after divorce. There are a number of issues to be reviewed with either the parent who has relocated or the one who has stayed behind. Most of the time the request for a move away is presented after dissolution is obtained. The client who is a noncustodial parent wants to maintain a close relationship with his or her child, and the best interest of the child standard must be reviewed. A court order must be obtained because it will modify the current orders. The move must be in the best interest of the child; many times a career move or other economic or academic change triggers the request. I can help you work out a new parenting schedule.

Violating court orders has serious repercussions. A court order must be obtained to defeat claims of abduction and criminal law penalties. A moving party must demonstrate that the move is child-focused and not just about the parent’s desires and convenience. I can assist you with either negotiation to accommodate the move and additional expenses created by the move or the necessary litigation if no agreement can be reached. As a divorce attorney, I work very closely with clients undergoing a child custody evaluation related to the move. Call my office to learn about the custody rules and procedures in this important area.

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