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Alimony, or spousal support in California, is a hot button for divorcing or separating couples. Attorney Karen S. Brown is a certified family law specialist by The State Bar of California. She has more than four decades of experience successfully advocating for her clients’ best interests so that they can have stable futures following their divorces or separations. She understands that sometimes it is the nuances in the law that can make a world of difference for her clients.

In addition to her accolades in the legal community and peer recognition, the hallmark of Karen’s legal services is her personal attention to each client. She is all in when it comes to learning about each client’s circumstances, values and future goals following their divorce or separation.

Termination of Alimony: Unparalleled Negotiation and Smart Solutions

As one of Los Angeles’ premier family law attorneys, Karen helps couples answer critical spousal support questions. Yes, your situation is challenging, frustrating and confusing. How does spousal support in California work? How and when will spousal support payments end? And, what happens then?

California’s family court may grant one or several types of alimony or support to divorcing or separating couples, depending on the nature of their financial needs. At any time, a spouse may ask the court to change or terminate spousal support payments.

Just as judges carefully factor in several facets of a couple’s circumstances – such as their ages, health, existing wealth and future earning capacity as well as the length of their marriage – before crafting a court order for a specific type of spousal support, they will also look at the big-picture circumstances of the recipient spouse before reducing or terminating a support order for permanent alimony, alimony in gross, or rehabilitative or reimbursement alimony.

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Change Happens

Changes in circumstances – including death, illness, disability, child custody arrangements, and inheritances received by the lesser earning spouse – could mean that the support order is subject to revisions such as:

  • Permanent alimony This type of financial support is an ongoing payment for an indefinite amount of time – sometimes even for the life of the spouse who needs it. Permanent alimony payments may be subject to reduction or termination if the recipient remarries or moves in with their lover.

  • Alimony in gross – A lump-sum payment made to the lesser earning spouse all at once, rather than on an ongoing basis. Alimony in gross may be revised if the recipient spouse receives an amazing inheritance or the spouses change their minds about their community property split, for example.

  • Rehabilitative alimony If one spouse was devoted to taking care of the family and home, then they may need a boost to become self-supporting after divorce or separation. This type of support will be modified upon a finding that the lesser earning spouse’s circumstances have changed – for instance, if they have gotten a job, training or a college degree.

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You need a strong plan with solid details to move forward with modification or termination of alimony. Discover the world of difference that an attorney in your corner can make when you have complicated questions about spousal support in California. Sure, you could try to research the intricacies on your own, but after spending hours on the internet, you would still have incomplete information and unanswered questions. Your time is precious, and your standard of living matters. Call the Law Office of Karen S. Brown in Los Angeles, introduce yourself and schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Karen. Or, if you prefer, send her an online inquiry to do the same.