California Divorce Post-Judgement Attorney

Assistance with Managing Post-Judgement Enforcements and Modifications

What is the use of a court order if it is no longer relevant or if the other party will not abide by it? After the ink has dried on your divorce decree, enforcing the court orders may be necessary. For example, if one spouse was assigned the duty of selling the marital home but did not begin the process by the date they were court-ordered to do so – or after a reasonable amount of time – you may need to get the judge to step up enforcement of the settlement agreement.

If the payer spouse has not started making child support payments or refuses to follow the parenting time schedule, then you may also need a lawyer’s help.

Because change happens, some court orders are subject to modification as time goes on. These include:

  • Spousal support

  • Child custody and parenting time

  • Child support

As a certified family law specialist by The State Bar of California, Karen is a lawyer who gets personal. She works to find expeditious solutions for her clients because support payments matter.

Modifications for Payers of Support

As a payer of support, you may need to make updates to an alimony or child support order if:

  • Your employment situation changes

  • You suffer a stroke or become seriously ill

  • Disabilities create a financial hardship

  • You are granted joint child custody

  • Your spouse remarries or moves in with their lover

Resolve Post-Divorce Issues Swiftly

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