5 Potential Causes of Divorce

By Law Office of Karen S. Brown

Divorce is so common that it’s believed that half of all marriages end in divorce. People who face marital issues can seek out therapists who may help them recover and strengthen their relationships. However, many marriages don’t last even with hours of counseling. 

There are a lot of reasons why a marriage might fall apart. Here’s what you should know:

Financial Difficulties

A marriage can face many different kinds of financial difficulties. For instance, someone who is unwilling to find another job after being fired could cause a multitude of stress on their spouse. Or, couples who can’t agree on how their joint savings account should be used may come to an impasse.


Many marriages end because of cheating. Infidelity can break trust and cause a spouse to feel resentful. 

Religious Differences

Many people marry others with different religious beliefs. While this can work for some people, some marriages may end because one spouse expects the other to follow their religion. There could also be differences in a religion that puts stress on a marriage. 

Parenting Conflicts

No two parents raise their children the same. When parents discuss how their children should be raised, then there may be parenting conflicts. For example, one parent may not agree with the punishments the other parent puts on their children. 

Poor Communication 

One of the biggest causes of divorce is poor communication. When couples can’t talk about what’s on their mind, then there might be lots of tension in a marriage. Communication issues can also lead to many of the above issues. 

By understanding why people seek divorce, you may be better prepared for the future. It can help to learn about your legal rights if you’re filing for a divorce.