3 Tips for Co-Parenting Communication

By Law Office of Karen S. Brown

Co-parenting is an arrangement that’s often best for the children but difficult for the adults. One of the most important things that co-parents must do is determine how to communicate effectively

Because every situation is different, it’s imperative that co-parents think carefully about how they can make the situation work. These three points are a good place to start. 

Focus on The Present

It’s easy to slip into the feelings that you had at the end of the relationship, but that can lead to hard situations. Instead, focus on what’s going on with the kids and what you can do to support them and create a stable environment for them. 

Remain Respectful

You should always ensure that you’re being respectful when you communicate with your ex. It’s imperative that you never badmouth the other parent because what you say can get back to the children. It’s a good idea to think carefully about how conversations may play out, especially when you’re trying to compromise on things related to the children.

Set Conflict Resolution Rules

Conflict resolution is a primary concern for co-parents. Having terms for this ensures that there’s a plan when things become contentious. Be sure to include being able to walk away for a bit to calm down if things get heated. This gives you a chance to refocus and think about the issue at hand. 

Getting the written parenting plan together as soon as possible is critical so everyone knows what to expect. This gives both parents the information they need to remain successful in the co-parenting situation.