3 Reasons to Try Mediation if You Disagree About Child Custody

By Law Office of Karen S. Brown

As you probably know all too well, child-related issues are among the top concerns for parents getting a divorce. Both parents want what is best for the child but may disagree about living arrangements and parenting time schedules.

Divorcing parents have more options for resolving their issues today than parents had in past eras. Mediation has become the preferred way to divorce for many couples. Let’s look at three reasons why.

It May Be Less Adversarial

A traditional courtroom divorce can be stressful and highly contentious, which could affect how parents and children cope with it. In contrast, mediation is more relaxed and informal, helping to facilitate a collaborative approach between parents. Less conflict is beneficial for everyone touched by divorce.

It May Give You More Control

When parents cannot resolve disagreements, a judge will make decisions based on California law and the child’s best interests. Through mediation, however, you and your spouse can discuss matters rationally and negotiate until you find a middle ground. Resolving your disputes out of court can give parents more control over their custody arrangements.

It May Save Time and Money

In California, a divorce can take as long as six months and may drag on longer when litigated. Mediation encourages spouses to overcome their disagreements faster. This may reduce the time it takes to finalize your divorce. In turn, a shorter divorce may help you keep your expenses under control.

Remember to safeguard your rights regardless of how you decide to end your marriage. That means learning about state divorce laws and having experienced legal guidance.