3 Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

By Law Office of Karen S. Brown

Divorce can be different for couples, but it can be similarly complicated when mistakes are made. If your marriage has irreconcilable differences and you have decided to dissolve it, you should make the right moves from the word go to have a more manageable process.

Here are three mistakes to avoid during divorce:

Using the Process as Revenge

Understandably, your spouse may have hurt you, leading you to this point, but you should not use the court to get revenge. Acting out of anger and revenge can work against you. The court considers several factors to give orders, and if they determine you are acting unfairly or are exaggerating/lying about issues, they may give verdicts that disadvantage you.

It will be best to surround yourself with loved ones, join a support group or go to therapy to help you stay calm throughout the process.

Disobeying Temporary Orders

Before the divorce is final, the court will give temporary orders regarding: 

  • The use and possession of property 

  • Child custody and support 

  • Parenting time 

  • Spousal maintenance 

  • Payment of expenses, such as attorney fees. 

These rulings will expire after the court issues permanent ones. You should obey them, as the court may use your conduct to determine permanent orders. This means that disobeying temporary orders can negatively impact your interests.

Following All Guidance 

Your loved ones may want to inform you of the best decisions to make during your divorce. While they may mean well, not everything they suggest will work for your case. It will be best to analyze the guidance you receive to determine if it’s practical for you or not.

These three mistakes can significantly affect your divorce process. You may consider getting legal help to make informed decisions.