What if You Don’t Want to Divorce for Religious Reasons?

By Law Office of Karen S. Brown

It is not always possible to predict whether a marriage will last forever. Often, couples experience unexpected conflicts that destroy the fabric of their relationship, while other times, they simply grow apart.

This is where divorce comes in. However, those who strictly adhere to certain faiths may not feel comfortable getting one. A legal separation can allow these couples to remain married but live separate lives.

What Is Legal Separation?

Some states have no laws allowing spouses to get a legal separation, but California is one of a few that does offer this option. The process is nearly the same as getting a divorce, the main difference being that you are still married in the eyes of the law.

Can You Still Divide Your Marital Property?

Yes, you and your spouse can petition the court to help you divide the assets and debts you accumulated throughout your marriage. Essentially, this process strongly resembles the property division procedures in a traditional divorce.

Can You Obtain Parenting Time and Support Orders?

Yes, a legal separation allows parents to address the same child-related issues they would if getting a formal divorce. That means the court will decide or approve a parenting time plan that preserves the best interests of your children. The court will also issue orders ensuring your kids receive the child support they need to flourish.

Will You Need Legal Representation?

As with most family law matters, guidance from a law practitioner can protect your best interests. Since you will enter legally binding orders issued by a judge, representation can ensure they meet your needs and protect your kids.