Unforeseen Emotions Can Lead to Poor Decisions During a Divorce

By Law Office of Karen S. Brown

Divorce is a major life change that can bring up a wide range of emotions, even for those who are eager to end their marriage. Unfortunately, these unexpected emotions can interfere with your ability to make sound decisions.

When preparing for your divorce, it is wise to consider how it may affect you emotionally if you want to avoid a poor outcome. To help you get started, the following sections discuss a few of the emotions that often plague those embroiled in a divorce.

Feelings of Love

Even if you initiated the divorce, you may still feel a lot of love for your spouse. For many, love is a confusing and difficult emotion to process, as it may make you question your decisions. Allow yourself to experience and deal with your feelings so that they do not disrupt your goals.

Guilt Over the Divorce

Divorce can sometimes cause people to feel they are abandoning someone they care about. For example, you may worry about what will happen to your spouse once the divorce is over. Rest assured that while these feelings are usually unexpected, they are a normal part of ending a marriage.

Fear of The Future

Being on your own after sharing life, money and family with someone else can be a scary prospect. For instance, many begin experiencing financial insecurity during a divorce. Taking steps to shore up your economic situation or learning more about California divorce laws may be a welcome distraction.

Most mental health practitioners believe it is better to process unpleasant emotions as they arise and find ways to cope with them. If you are concerned that your emotions may impact your divorce decisions, legal guidance can help you protect your best interests.