Tips for Determining Child Custody During Holidays

By Law Office of Karen S. Brown

When sharing custody with your children or arranging any sort of visitation with a former spouse, it’s always important to be on the same page. That means sharing expectations and making sure that a schedule for custody is agreed upon. Establishing this kind of schedule can avoid disputes and hard feelings.

At the Law Office of Karen S. Brown, we have years of experience disputing and discussing child custody arrangements for divorced couples in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. Our legal team would like to share some tips on how to figure out a holiday child custody schedule, and advice to help the schedule planning and the custody arrangement run as smoothly as possible.

Focus on Splitting Time Fairly

Fairness is the first tip. If you have agreed to share custody of children or for a spouse to be granted visitation rights, honor this legal arrangement, and then divide time accordingly. If certain holidays are more convenient than others, be willing to compromise, switch, and maintain some sense of balance to avoid conflict whenever possible.

Can Certain Holidays Be Divided Between Parents?

If you and your former spouse both live in the Los Angeles area, you may want to consider splitting certain holidays between households. Your child may spend the morning and afternoon of the Fourth of July with your former spouse, but then spend the evening with you and your household. Dividing certain days could be a worthwhile compromise if you and your former spouse have special plans or traditions.

Think of Your Child’s School Schedule

Spring break, winter break, and three-day weekends are important to keep in mind while arranging custody schedules. Keep in mind what days your child spends with your former spouse and vice versa, and try to maintain a balance that puts their needs first.

Consider Religious Holidays Ahead of Time

If you and your former spouse are religious, try to map out religious holidays well ahead of time. This will allow your separate households to practice religious observances with your children and keep their upbringing as consistent as possible.

Consider Travel Plans for The Holidays

If you have travel or vacation plans during the holidays, discuss these with your former spouse. It may be more convenient to have your child during these vacation holidays, or perhaps your child may be better off spending time with your former spouse while you are out of the country or out of the city.

Birthdays May Factor Into Custody Time

Birthdays may not be holidays, but they are important events in any child’s life. Consider where your child will be on their birthday. Time can be divided between spouses on that day, or perhaps your former spouse can celebrate your child’s birthday this year if you can be given the same courtesy next year.

Discuss the Holiday Schedule with Your Child/children

Once the holiday arrangements are set, make sure you talk with your child about where they’ll be spending their holidays as the dates approach. This will help your child understand what is going to happen, and can help minimize a sense of disappointment, anxiousness, or unwanted surprises. If anything, having a schedule helps you keep things cordial with your former spouse as well as your kids.

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