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Divorce and separation are difficult matters without the added stress of determining custody for your children. Many parents attempt to go through these court proceedings alone, but you should know that having the right representation can make the difference between custody and visitation. Karen S. Brown has been representing families as a proven child custody attorney for the last 15 years at her practice in Los Angeles, CA. To schedule a consultation and begin reviewing your legal options, contact us today.

Strategies for Success

Before taking any case to the courtroom, Ms. Brown spends a great deal of time building a solid strategy with her clients. Our firm commits our full range of informational and professional resources to every case we take and will help you find and present the proof you need to defend your child custody request. In order to properly represent our clients, we examine every angle of the case and prepare both a strong case and lasting legal agreements. Sometimes, clients find it difficult to discuss the grounds for their divorce or separation, especially if domestic violence is involved. Rest assured that we only use personal information to help us fight for the best situation for children, and avoid any surprises or biases in the courtroom.

Ms. Brown uses her extensive experience as a child custody lawyer, and over 40 years as a trial attorney, to ensure that the court sees the facts of the case as they are. She will also thoroughly discuss every element of your strategy during your preparation. We constantly strive to bring as little stress as we can to the children involved in these cases, and will always present a solution that represents their best interest.

Committed to Your Case

Child custody cases can often span the course of many months and sometimes even a few years. Once we take on your child custody case, you have our representation for the full extent of the trial, regardless of how long it takes. We prepare our clients with the reality of how long these cases can last, and work to adapt their case to how the trial unfolds over time.

“Child custody cases can be exhausting for any parent, but rest assured that you do not have to fight alone.” — Karen S. Brown

Oftentimes, new evidence or recent events, such as illness and other legal issues, in the lives of parties involved will emerge and increase the complexity of your case. These complications require additional action to address in court. Ms. Brown will often plan ahead for the chance that these changes occur, and will always be available and ready to adapt to whatever attention your case needs. Her experience with developments that affect family law cases allows her to quickly prepare a smart and forward-thinking response in court. You can trust that your case will receive the same care and attention through every step of fighting for your child’s best interests. We are also able to help clients with relocation during and after divorce, providing additional support after your original custody agreement has been made.

Legal Counsel Focusing on Children’s Needs

Child custody cases can be exhausting for any parent, but rest assured that you do not have to fight alone. Contact the practice of Karen S. Brown to enlist the representation of an experienced child custody attorney and start building a strong case today.