The Law Office of Karen S. Brown can provide the professional services you need when a close family member is incapacitated or has become unstable. If the proposed conservatee did not set up a trust or sign the forms for another to have the authority to make medical and financial decisions for her or him, often times it becomes necessary and vital to that person’s well-being for the appointment of a Conservator to exercise authority over the individual’s person and/or estate. Either a relative or a professional fiduciary can be appointed as Conservator.

It is the Conservator of the person who makes medical decisions, and it is the Conservator of the estate who makes the financial decisions.

Karen S. Brown is a conservatorship attorney who can assist you in preparing and filing the Court petition and related papers for appointment of the Conservator and represent the proposed Conservator at the Court hearing. She will also advise the appointed Conservator of her or his duties in locating and managing assets and accounting to the Court for all income and expenditures. She will also advise regarding care of the conservatee. Because Conservatorships are closely reviewed and supervised by the Court, her services will be at your side as you fulfill your duties and reporting responsibilities to the Court.

Consult The Los Angeles Law Office of Karen S. Brown about these important issues regarding the appointment of a Conservator and ongoing administration of the Conservatorship so that the family will have protection and peace.

Attorney Karen S. Brown focuses on providing her clients quality representation. She ensures that you are well informed about your case and emphasizes hands on communication with you to strategize an effective approach to the issues. When recommended, she will access a knowledgeable database of professionals for you to engage as qualified experts to support your claims. Contact her office to schedule a conference.

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