A Corporate Executive Divorce Attorney Can Help You Avoid Unique, Significant Issues

If you are an executive of a corporation and enjoy a significant compensation package, there are many factors to consider in a divorce. You may own equitable interests in the company and be entitled to deferred compensation and pension funds. Subject to the initial assessment of whether these assets are separate or community property, these assets are subject to division in a divorce, and it is my job to ensure that correct evaluations of income and assets are made. The professional career as an executive must be considered when distributing the marital estate. I will work to protect these marital assets such that current and future compensation is evaluated. If the business was started prior to marriage, I will protect that property interest as it can impact the equalization payment and child and spousal support. We will review all issues such as investments, stock options, equity positions, appreciation of separate property interests, tax issues, real estate and personal property issues, collectibles, investment portfolios, debts, judgments and legal obligations.

The professional executive requires an experienced corporate executive divorce attorney who will ensure that the issues are covered in detail. If you are the supported spouse, you will need to learn about QDRO’s and other means of protecting your assets. I have the experience to protect your interests.

Attorney Karen S. Brown focuses on providing her clients quality representation. She ensures that you are well informed about your case and emphasizes hands on communication with you to strategize an effective approach to the issues. When recommended, she will access a knowledgeable database of professionals for you to engage as qualified experts to support your claims. Contact her office to schedule a conference.

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